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From design to installation, here's how it works

The Sly Fox Technique



Create fresh, innovative, inspiring signage that exceeds expectation. 

Excel in providing seamless and caring customer service. 

Go where no foxes have gone before, using the latest materials, manufacturing techniques and highest quality products, built to last. 

To change the world, one sign at a time. 

We are Sly Fox Design.

We think it's important our clients know how we work. Anyone who has worked with us before can attest to the care and experience we put into every single product we produce. Our design skills and manufacturing techniques are next to none and our customer service is something we’re truly proud of. However, we know that you might want more exact details of how we can promise awesome signage which will meet your needs and goals. Which is why we've put together the cool infographic below, so you can find out more about the Sly Fox Technique.

Our Process


Design is the core of our business. Great design is how you express yourself to your clients, how visitors perceive you and how you create an experience. We know that amazing design is how we can ensure you meet your goals, by wowing guests and bringing in more business. Why choose Sly Fox Design? Design is how we think. Our team has over 15 years of experience creating everything in this industry from business logos to intricate film props. It’s what makes us stand out from other sign companies...we lead with design.

What can we do? Anything you can think of! We’re the concept gurus of the signage industry, there’s no idea too complex for us. Whether that’s creating something cool out of your current graphics, or coming up with something new. We can take your concept, logo or idea and help you create something to shout about.

We are tried and tested problem solvers, we are resilient, clever little foxes.


You can have all the best designers in the world, but your product won’t be high-quality unless you also have skilled sign manufacturers on the case. Which is why we make everything we can in house, so we know for certain that all of our products are not only attractive but built to last. Us foxes love getting our teeth into a project which is why we prefer manufacturing signs ourselves. Our skilled workshop team has the added bonus of clear communication with designers, we never plan something that won’t work in reality. Cross communication is essential in any creative industry, which is why our designers never start a project without continuously considering the manufacturing at every stage.

Everything we make at Sly Fox Design is custom designed and manufactured to your exact needs. We always ensure excellent quality and detail by quality checking every stage of your product’s creation. We’re also lucky to have such a skilled team who can use a wide variety of techniques to achieve a huge range of effects. Below are just some of the methods we use when creating signage.

Manufacturing techniques

Excited about what we could create? Check out the huge range of materials and finishing techniques we offer, the possibilities are endless!

Manufacturing techniques

Manufacturing techniques


Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Ordering something cool online only to have problems when it arrives. That’s why we’re different, we’re not just creatives but we’re also the people who install your signage. We never design impractical signs, everything we make we can install for you. Plus, with us there on the day if there are any issues whatsoever, we’re on hand to help.

Your sign needs to be installed right, which is why we install it for you. Our trained installation team can come to any site location, so not to worry if you’re halfway up a mountain or in a muddy festival field. Our customer-focused, friendly team will be right on hand to professionally install your signage with our specialist tools and equipment and check you are 100% happy with your product. Our installers have industry-recognised qualifications including PAL cards and IPAF training. Good communication and customer satisfaction are our priorities which is why we’re always happy to install our products ourselves!

Sly Fox Design brings imagination, creativity and innovation to the sign industry with our unique design-led solutions.

About the director

Phoebe Brown

Phoebe Brown


With an eclectic job history, Phoebe started studying film at University in London before working in the art and prop departments in film and TV for nearly 10 years. Her aspirations and passion for design lead to her creating props and graphics. Working on high quality TV dramas and films such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2, Theory of Everything and Ridley Scott’s Exodus, allowed her to experience a wide range of job roles and gain an understanding of set dressing in the industry before becoming a standby art director. Now she brings that vision and ingenuity to signage designs.

Inspired by the film industry and her drive to learn and create, she progressed her skills away from the art department and more specifically, ventured out into the wonderful world of signage. This began in Australia and progressed into a position within a top neon, lighting and art fabrication company, designing custom neon and LED signs for festivals, prolific artists, bands and high-end clients such as Google, Louis Vitton, Stella McCartney, Snapchat, Canada Goose and even Elton John for the John Lewis Christmas advert (2018).

The result? She fell in love with sign creation. Everything from graphic design to manufacturing and working with clients whilst installing on-site became her passion. Using influences from architecture, design, geometry, typography, photography, fashion and art.

Craving the ability to express both her individual design style and personal values, Phoebe wanted to bring a more creative, design-led and customer-focused signage company to the market, so she launched her own business, Sly Fox Design.

Sly Fox Design's aim is to create signage that breaks normality. We don’t do boring. All of our signs are unique, eye-catching and experience-enhancing. We use originality, design engineering and artistry to allow businesses, film sets and events to flourish. Whether that be more customers, accurate and stylish set design, or increased brand awareness. 

Here at Sly Fox Design, we don’t set limits on creativity.  We know everything and anything is possible with an innovative foxy brain on the case.

Welcome to Sly Fox Design.

Phoebe says hi.