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Jensco Student Accommodation

Our biggest and most successful project to date was an amazing project that we finished just a month ago.
We had the pleasure of designing, manufacturing and installing from top to bottom, two x five story student accommodations in Nottingham this last summer.
Jensco were a great client to work with and allowed us full creative control over the project.
We created everything from the 522 door number vinyls, to giant acoustic foam floor numbers, original artworks for each cluster flat, lightboxes, led neons, real glass neons, laser cut acrylic 3D signs as well as all sorts of prints for the project. 

The project took nearly 2 years from start to finish with multiple designs and meetings throughout. We wanted to show our creative flair and worked hard to create a really succinct style and tone across all the different elements in the project.

Working with the architects, the site team, other subcontractors and the directors of Jensco throughout, we got to push ourselves in all aspects of our work.
We used all the resources and manufacturing techniques we already had under our belt as well as sourcing and creating new ways of manufacturing bespoke to the requirements.

There were lots of highlights for us throughout, but a few faves were the creation of four original artworks using our directors 35mm photography to capture the excitement and inspiration of the city surrounding the students.  All the different neon signs were great fun to make and design and our logo crocus design that got pressed into dividers all over the building as well as being made into a giant living wall reception sign was wonderful to see come to life.

We installed over 2 months and manufactured for 2 months previously. A huge project for all the Sly Fox team. To all the helpful suppliers and workers along the way, we thank you! We are over the moon with it all!
The end result is a show stopper, as I’m sure you agree, we wish our university halls looked like these do!