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RAD Beer

We didn’t mind at all when RAD beer company approached us with some signage needs. We knew we would get on well, us foxes love our delicious things in life and that includes delicious beer. These guys know how to do good beer, and we know how to do good signs, what a match made in signage heaven.

Initially, RAD were looking to get their new logo onto its fleet vehicles. They had three vans that needed a fresh lick of RAD, and we know how to style it up. We mocked up their design on their different vans using our vehicle specific templates, modifying and tweaking to create a simple, stylish and clean design to deliver their message in a tone that only a cool beer company could pull off. Good design is important to us foxes. We work with our customers to help guide and create signage that helps represent them and their companies in the best and most coherent, current and design driven light.

Like pringles, once we started ‘popping’ their vans out, RAD couldn’t stop coming back for more. First it was an exterior sign for their warehouse, then two, then a new reception sign, an old beer serving truck and finally a fridge wrap. I wouldn’t be surprised if they found more things to get us to get our foxy mitts on in future either. Work colleagues or drinking buddies, we love the challenges each item posed and how to get the best out of each design individually. Making conscious decisions on the reuse of the same vinyl and branding colours used previously.  We always made sure everything was in-keeping and continuing along the designer journey we had created for them.

Working closely with Mat and Tom, we understood the clarity and passion of the owner and it’s employees. Beer is cool, and so is being interested in what you do. It’s a philosophy that speaks loudly to us. We walk along the same track. Taking something simple and turning it into something special is what we always have up our foxy sleeves. Engaging with our customers and understanding their requirements whilst helping them promote and brand their businesses in the best and most stylish way is what we do best. We love to get tucked into a project, isn’t that what all companies should be doing? Caring and wanting the best quality and consideration for their customers. We are pushing towards this new brand of thinking. The compassionate, considerate business, not there to rip you off, but instead provide you with something better than your brain could even begin to imagine. We strive for quality, good design, fun, creativity and connection. Just like we do in the rest of our lives.

The serving van and fridge were due to go to Octoberfest, we wanted t to look cool and still stand out. Taking a box fridge in the classic beaten up brown, we refreshed it and carefully wrapped their logo and brength red colouring all over it. Their serving truck was awesome! An old GMC, looking like it had been driven straight from Texas, with its stick gear change, throttle and plush leather interior. We loved it and could easily have curled up in their for a few nights. We wrapped the spare tyre casing fixed onto the rear and came up with some clear functional signage to draw customers in. “Craft Beer served here.” yes please we thought, racing across the field to find them.

RAD knew it and that’s why they kept coming back for more fox time. We want to work together to make the best for all. Great beer and great design will carry on! Phew! Thank fox for that!


Rad Beer Van