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U Got Jokes

U got jokes needed signs and they needed them fast. Calling us 9 days before their new comedy show was due to be filmed for Sky TV in London, they were recommended Sly Fox Design by a previous contact of Phoebe’s.

We know when we need to spring into action and pull out all the stops.  We used our foxy eye for detail to come up with some solutions fast. A neon sign would be a centre point for the back of the stage area to create the buzz and branding for the night with another sign fixed to the DJ both with their logo big and bold.

Quotes were sent off, phone calls were made, some Sly Fox charm even came into the mix, getting any suppliers required for the job, on board with the timeline we had.

We mocked up a design proof with a few idea options on, and sent it over to Cassandra, the event organiser for the show. Within two days, we had full sign off and a custom-designed neon sign, recreating their logo in multicoloured neon. They loved it!

Onto production the foxes went. We manufactured the clear acrylic box and painted all the electrodes on the glass. We ran all the neon, a process involving hooking up the neon to an electrical supply to warm up all the gases and make sure there were no issues with the glass and therefore with the sign on hand over.  We then fixed all the neon into the box, carefully placing acrylic standoffs in positions guided by a layout to adequately support the different sections of neon glass. We twisted and attached all the HT cables and covered them with matching electrode covers. We wired it all up and fixed the appropriate transformer to the outside of box, for easy alteration.  Once it was all ready, we packed it up with quality hanging gear solutions and our install kit and vroomed the fox mobile down to London.

Leaning on our directors, standby art director background, we were asked to go down and install the sign onsite for them on the first Sunday being shot for Sky TV. Phoebe went down personally and helped them set up for filming. She helped dress and coordinate the best aesthetic positioning, ready for the big night.  With this film background in mind and Phoebe’s vast experience on set, we incorporated parts to help the film crew. The transformer for the neon was dimmable, and attached to the outside of the box purposefully, making it convenient for the lighting crew to easily change the brightness of the neon in case any issues arise when it was being filmed (something only a past film worker would know…most likely). We also used top quality quick release hanging fixings for the neon along with the logo sign for easy pack down at the end of the night. These little subtleties are what make us stand out at Sly Fox Design, if you need help with any Film or TV productions. We know what it is like in film crews, and we know how to help make your life easier and avoid problems or panics on the day. We took all the stress off Cassandra and David’s hands, they had enough to do after all.  It’s all part of the personal and customer focused service that we offer at Sly Fox Design. Simply, we care!

The first night was well received. Cassandra and David were over the moon with the signs and really appreciated the extra hands on set and our ability to deliver a quick turnaround. We were grateful we could oblige and exceed their requirements. Another set of happy customers. We rubbed our paws together and headed home.


U Got Jokes Neon Sign 2