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VGN Boulevard

Vegan food is a phrase we have been hearing more and more in recent years. When, Ben and Nicola gave us a ring, we found out that the black country was about to receive it’s very first Vegan Café, VGN Boulevard. An enthusiastic and passionate couple, with a love for Vegan food, who could be better to start a trend in their local area?

When Ben pitched up with his ideas and sent across his logo, we saw an opportunity! The stylish badge logo needed something a bit special with a minimal painted shop front planned. We got our creative fox gloves on and started playing with the idea of a 3D sign that would do the logo justice. Intrigued by our creative take on the project, Ben and Nicola opted for a beautiful laser cut steel, powder coated black, sign base and banner.  We thought it would be nice to combine vinyl as well as CNC cut acrylic to create the text. Once we had taken off our safety googles and glued, weeded, applied and fitted it all together. We came out with a sign made up of 4 different levels (well 6 if you include the vinyl).

You can’t say it doesn’t stand out now! (we thought)

Along with the multi-level sign we also made some big reverse cut logos in frosting to fit to the windows.  With some careful weeding and application tape we wrapped and rolled everything up and headed to the installation.

With coffee provided by Ben on arrival we got straight to work and cleaned and cleared the windows and doors for where the frosting was to be applied. A super clean area is key here; as mentioned in our Nerdy case study. Wet applied we lined up all the frosting and applied the awesome logos to the windows, creating a solid frost for the door for a bit of privacy before heading outside to the main sign. We clambered up our ladder and took multiple measurements and level lines, a circular sign creating its own difficulties for getting it straight. If you take a look at the sign, you will see there is no straight horizon line to go off. Once we were happy, we screwed in our standoffs and popped it into place. Ben and Nicola were so happy with the end result, they cheered with joy whilst Ben flamed large pieces of wood for the seating in the café.

They clearly couldn’t get enough of Sly Fox’s work as a few months later they approached us to make a matching sandwich board for the café. Already top on trip adviser for Stourbridge, they were starting to get noticed, but some people needed a slightly lounder, more obvious nudge.

After coming up with a few design options, we pinned down the final design.  We wanted something strong, stylish and authentic. No one likes those giant plastic ones at service stations, the cheap looking clip in metal ones clubs use, or the metal ones greasy spoon cafes seem to have in the plenty “No!” We hear you cry. We wanted to make something unique.

We got to work, handmaking the A frame from scratch, routing lovely local oak from Ludlow, Shropshire and biscuit jointing the mitred corners for solid and quality joints.  We sanded and undercoated it, and then applied two coats of the matching paint used on their shop front, a local vegan paint distributor.

After some drying and fine tuning, we bought top quality hinges in stainless steel and made and painted corners to secure the board in place.  This allowed for the potential to access and change the board and text, later. We do like to reuse when we can, so why not make something that will last in the first place we say! Their budget was limited so we used 10mm foamex as the backboard and spent some time printing a colour match to the paint for the banner across the top with the distinctive VGN Boulevard logo on. The white vinyl was cut and weeded before being applied on both boards.

Then onto the latch, after doing some researching, we decided to use our foxy skills to make something custom.  We wanted it to look slim and sleek, in-keeping with the overall look of the sandwich board. We can up with a simple design and got the tools out and attached it to the frame. Hey presto, the board was finished! Doesn’t it look nice sitting outside? We think it does.


VGN Boulevard Shop Sign 2