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Woodfield Tennis Club

Asked by Woodfield Tennis Club to provide a parking sign. We took a look at the site and noticed how old and washed out their former welcome sign seemed. We proposed a more exciting array of updates, incorporating a new logo and rebrand into their new signage. Us fox’s felt this would be key in boosting the club, attracting more members and bringing it into the 21st century. 

Woodfield Tennis Club is a long-standing club within Shrewsbury, it’s a popular club and is used by members, newbies, veterans and the two local schools it sits next door too. After having their old clubhouse signage up for over 15 years, it was time to get a fresh look.

They love their club and they love their tennis. We were let off the leash for the design process so did a lot of research to see what was out there. We opted for the royal purple colour associated with the Queen and well, Cadbury’s chocolate bars. Something us Brits all know and love. Mixing the purple with the lawn green and yellow balls, we felt we had a nice variety of colours to play with on the design. After a few concept designs we got down the right path with a badge sign. We wanted something strong, obviously tennis and self-contained. It was to be used on all their future branding and website so we wanted it to be iconic and easy to recognise. Incorporating the rackets, the net and a nice serif font were the final pieces in the puzzle.

Once the proof was confirmed, we thought it would be more fun to make it out of vinyl rather than printing them all and got the chairman to pick the vinyl colours from our swatches. This multi-layered vinyl effect is unusual with most sign-makers these days as printing the full sign is so much easier for them to churn out work. We don’t take that approach in our work. We care about what we produce, and we want it to get noticed (for the right reasons). We want it to reflect the company, club or business it is representing. 

Initially we only planned to make two signs for the club, but once we had the chairman and committee members on board with the design, they ordered two more from us straight away. The location of each sign depended on how we would be able to install them, with one going on a lamp post, one mounted to the court fences and two being installed on the clubhouse itself.  Once we had completed the site visit earlier on in the process, we made a note and came up with the best solutions for fixing them to their locations.

Using top quality Avery Dennison vinyl, we layered up all the different colours one by one, there is no room for error doing it this way and it takes time to cut, weed and apply each part separately. They are all cut by colour. It was a fun challenge, something Phoebe jumps at rather than runs away from. She has been doing this all her life, so why stop now!

What you get from this process is a more definitive quality looking sign that will last a lot longer than a printed sign, with the quality of the colours not degrading by the sun. If we take a look at these signs in 15 years’ time, they should look pretty much the same. A win for us and a win for the club, right?

Our workshop team knocked up a circle jig using the portable router and started whizzing out circles, left right and centre. Once confident with its accuracy, we cut the 900mm diameter circle out of ACM and applied all the cut vinyl in layers, like mentioned. Radius cut the corners of any rectangular sign to make them more child and club friendly and glued all the standoff fixings onto the back for install.

We made the final checks, whilst packing up the Sly Fox Mobile with all the installation equipment and ladders and headed to site to put them up. It was a quick install with most of the prep work being managed in the workshop. Within two hours, all their signs were being displayed proudly around the club. A few days later, I received direct feedback from several club members including pictures of them next to the sign. They were so proud of their new signage and it was nice to see all their model poses next to them.  Thanks Woodfield, we enjoyed getting our design paws out and making all your signs!


Woodfield Tennis Club Sign 2