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Up against it with shoot schedules reversing last night, directors changing their minds and budget limitations? Majority of companies can’t operate at the pace required. Don’t worry, we get it.... Let us take the trouble off your hands.

Our fox-in-chief, Phoebe Brown, has 10 years experience in prop and art departments producing graphics, set dressing and art directing in the UK and Australia, so we have more than a bit of an understanding about what’s required for the film and TV industry. Her career has taken her to the sets of films such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2, and Ridley Scott’s Exodus. Plus her work in a top neon, lighting and art fabrication company, had her designing custom neon and LED signs for high-end clients such as Google, Louis Vitton, Stella McCartney, Canada Goose and even Elton John for the John Lewis Christmas Advert (2018). So when we say we’re experts in both the design and manufacture of signs, props and lots of other dressing you might need, you can trust us.

Just get in touch and tell us what style, period and scenes you have coming up or provide us with the graphics and we can make, deliver or install them to your prop store, on location or at the studio.

We all know neon signs look great in television shows, we offer custom made neon signs for reasonable prices. Same goes for our lightboxes and any other props you might need. Aesthetically, you need something beautiful and quick. We get it! Don’t waste your time, come straight to the sign makers with film experience.

We can design graphics and dressing in house, manufacture everything and install them on-site, be that on location up a mountain or in the studio, we know our way around. You need something that works for your scene that’s also attractive and, most importantly, produced quickly. Whatever your needs, custom neon signs, LED lightboxes, printed decals or any signage we’re here to help bring your vision to life, and at the pace required!.

Want to know more? Below is a list of the props and signs we can make, but feel free to get in touch with any crazy requirements.

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Film & TV

Film & TV

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