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LED Neon Signs

Want the Neon look but don’t have the budget?


We pride ourselves on bespoke high quality signage, and are a design led company. We care about our customers and their happiness, only creating signage we think will work for you!
Wow your customers and clients with a sign. We have had such amazing feedback on our LED neon signs. They love them, we love them, they are bright, fun, effective and incredibly eye-catching. Add some style and sophistication to your business, office or home and get that custom sign you have always wanted.


Look no further. It’s cost effective, low voltage and easily transportable. Our LED neon is a great alternative signage solution. Available in all the usual neon colours, our LED Neon signs shine brighter and longer than our competitors. If you can’t afford real neon, but want that neon look or need it transported to a far away land. This could be the right choice for your new signage! It also looks foxing awesome!

Our process is the same as our real neon signage. You give us a design or idea, pick a font style, colour and size, and then we custom design and manufacture it to your specifications. We can make multi-coloured signs, recreate logos, branding, write a quote or your mum’s name. Whatever floats your boat! Then we can come and install it or deliver it straight to your door.

The UK market has been oversaturated with low quality, poor longevity LED neon flex products, still selling for very high prices. The silicone range we offer is a vast improvement from the old PVC neon flex that came to the market around 10 years ago. I am pleased to say that not only are these signs better value, it is also a much better quality and they look amazing.

LED Spotting, longevity, cost and cut lengths from most UK distributors are still big issues. They still only offer 2.5cm cut points, meaning letter shapes easily get out of whack and it is difficult to get the conformity like you can with real neon. This used to be one of the disadvantages, but not with our LED neon. Our Silicone LED neon can be cut in intervals of 1cm and is fully flexible, meaning it can completely bend back on itself, not limiting curves or shapes it is conforming to.

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