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Let’s face it, the LED signage market is huge. It’s such a versatile way of creating signs, you have so many options like personalised lightboxes, shop front signs or even retro metalwork letters with fairground bulbs. The possibilities are endless. So why choose Sly Fox Design to create your LED signs? The difference is, we’ll come and install it for you and you won’t need to call us again. Unlike many other LED sign makers, we only ever use top quality high lumen LEDs that are guaranteed to last, along with the most reliable power supplies and fixings. Don’t waste your money on something that’s going to be poor quality, degrade over time or break soon after installation. Come to the LED sign experts to ensure you get quality products.

This is where your branding can really shine, a key element for any business or corporate event. Don’t just blend in with the same old designs, work with us and stand out with your own original designs and branding. Our in-house design team can create something perfect for your needs or help you to realise your own ideas.

Almost anything can be achieved with LED signs. All of our creations are 100% unique and bespoke, we design every single product from scratch so no one else will have a sign as awesome as yours. So what can we create? Anything from the classics like a Hollywood dressing mirror to something more modern like strip lights or changing feature lights for a nightclub. With custom, profile cut LED lightboxes, you can light up your shopfront or inspire your employees with a fun graphic.

We can even fully programme LEDs using DMX to give you an infinite amount of colour combinations. By simply plugging your creation into a control desk you can wow guests with crazy awesome light patterns. Excited about the options? We can create any colour tone you require and connect your personal lightshow via simple controls like an app on your phone! Get in touch to find out how we can manufacture both permanent and temporary solutions for any event.

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