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Whatever idea you have, whether that’s your company logo, a funny message or even something downright rude (don’t worry, us foxes don’t get offended easily) we can help. We can help you create the custom neon sign design from scratch. You pick the colour and give us a rough size and where it’s going and we can advise, design, manufacture, deliver and install your neon wall lights for you. Making them suitable for whatever situation you want to throw at us.They can be multicoloured, can flash on and off, chase around the edge or even have a full lighting display programme via DMX controller.


You might not know this but foxes go crazy for neon. OK maybe wild foxes don’t but the designer foxes like us sure do. Which is why custom neon signs are our speciality. If you’re looking for a cool slogan, fun message or your own favourite handwritten phrase we can make it awesome in neon. Our inhouse team has years of expertise working with neon, we know exactly how to make your designs incredibly eye-catching. We use an endless supply of font styles and create unique backboards and neon displays from a multitude of materials.

We’re the neon innovators; we’re known for making neon signs that surpass the expectations of our clients. Our vast experience in neon and designs skills mean our digitally designed and hand-bent creations always go far beyond the industry standard, giving you something truly eye-catching.

Custom neon signs make a crazy cool addition to any event, they’re perfect for adding that wow-factor as soon as your guests step through the door. Plus neon signs are a surefire way to bring in more business by grabbing the attention of passers-by, vital for any high street premises.

What exactly are neon lights?

Neon has been around since the turn of the 20th century. Essentially it’s a process where glass tubes are hand bent to shape and then pumped with gas and electrically charged to create fabulous neon colours. The gas used depends on the colour you’re looking for but the most common are neon and argon or a combination of noble gases.

Technology has come a long way, and this art form can’t be beaten for it’s visual beauty. Sometimes though, it isn’t practical to have a glass sign. Which is where our LED neon signs come in. Using the latest manufacturing techniques, top of the range LEDs and the best flexible silicone coating, our LED neon helps those on the move, and keeps the cost down too. We are talking about Festivals, Food trucks, Events, Musical acts, bands, trade show exhibitors, or even those who just want a cool sign for their home or shop. If you want the wow factor and need something easy to transport but still with that neon look, we have you covered! We can custom design your own logo, or you can build your own LED neon sign here.
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