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First Vegan Cafe in the Black Country
09 Mar 2019
by Phoebe Brown

Sly Fox Design's latest production photos of the new VGN Boulevard fascia sign

The first vegan cafe in the black country. VGN Boulevard in Stourbridge!


We have a very cool one in the works at the moment....

We enjoy applying vinyl, its such a great material to work with.

Today I was using Avery Dennison white gloss vinyl bought from APS and 3M surface cleaner. 5mm black acrylic and 3mm Aluminium.


Step one:

Cut and apply vinyl to the laser cut aluminium face and prep the acrylic lettering. 


Steps two, three and four: Apply acrylic adhesive to letters Apply white vinyl to powder coated aluminium panels and acrylic VGN letters Fit standoffs to letters, banner and main panel and fit into correct position.

Install next week with other signage including logo cut frosted windows and vinyl.


Step five

Fit everything together and make template for fitting.


Step six

Stand back and smile at the cool sign we have just made!