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Tennis is for cool kids
10 Apr 2019
by Phoebe Brown

We had a lot of fun installing and designing all the new signs for a local tennis club. Woodfield Tennis Club gave us free reign so we got to have some fun with the logo design. We played on the Wimbledon logo colours, incorporating the classic green of the courts with the royal purple we know and love in the UK.


Phoebe wanted to get quality and show craftmanship in the signs, she decided to make the job more interesting by not digitally printing the signs and laminating as a lot of companies would for ease, but instead individually laying the three different colours. Using Avery Dennison's Premium 700 grade vinyl, we carefully broke down the designs and cut each of the colours individually before applying them one on top of the other. A fun challenge that we all enjoyed with a lot of weeding and aligning involved. Due to their being 4 different signs with 4 different sized logos, the net and rackets created a particular challenge on the smaller signs reaching the lower limits of what is even possible to weed out!


After making our own circle jig for our palm router, we practised routing out a few circles before hand routing out the 900mm diameter 3mm alupanel circle needed for the large logo sign. Next we cut radius corners on all the rectangular panels to give them a softer more welcoming look.


Installation was quick and easy with everything ready to go, all extrusion and fittings on the backs of the signs, and the old signage easily coming off the clubhouse wall. We have had wonderful feedback from all the club members and loved the making process.


Maybe we should all get the white legs out and join them for a game or two now that the sun is out.....